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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 6, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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in saturday's terror attack in london one was khuram butt, who was known to the british security services. the second man named was rachid redouane, who claimed to be of moroccan and libyan descent. the mayor of london, sadiq khan, says he will not allow donald trump to divide communities in the wake of the london terror atack after the us president once again criticised him on twitter for telling londoners they should not be alarmed. and this video is trending on there are fears that a major rupture in relations between the gulf state of qatar and its neighbours will lead to air travel disruption. saudi arabia, the uae, egypt and other states have severed all ties with the qataris after accusing them of supporting jihadi groups. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk: theresa may is accused ofjeopardising national security by cutting police numbers, she accusesjeremy corbyn of being soft on terror. now on bbc news all the latest
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business news live from singapore. could the us be set to roll back tighter banking regulations put in place after the global financial crisis? apple displays the recent fruits of its labour at a tech conference in california. it's tuesday, good morning, asia, hello, world. you're watching asia business report. plans to overhaul the us banking system may be taking shape. stop makers are expected to vote on a bill to scale back much of the
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act. these regulations were put in place under president obama after the global financial turmoil but banks complain the regulations are to restrictive. the credit crisis cost the us more than 80 million jobs, chile and of dollars in lost wealth and almost 10 million homes after the worst recession since the great repression, the reform will was introduced to make another crisis less likely. this was the moment democrats hoped to put banks in check, president obama signed into law a bill that would address wea k into law a bill that would address weak this is in the way wall street was regulated and prevent the us taxpayer bought ever having to bail out the banks again. president trump ordered a review of the 2010 law. we are signing call principles
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regulating the united states financial institutions. but the state of dodd—frank is notjust depend on the donald trump administration. republicans are now in control of congress have been attacking it since its inception, saying the limits of go too far. later this tuesday, lawmakers will vote to dismantle it. the debate on how to rewrite the law is far from over. the financial choice act is likely to face opposition in the senate. critics warn it leaves the us exposed to another financial crisis. prices in oil initially surged in the world markets but then fell by about 1% after the possible impact ofa fell by about 1% after the possible impact of a number of arab state cutting off contact with qatar. they
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are at using qatar of supporting terrorism. —— accusing. several carriers in the region are halting flights in and out of —— doha. i spoke to oil industry analysts and askedif spoke to oil industry analysts and asked if the diplomatic tensions could impact prices? it could have led to a spike in oil prices because it isa led to a spike in oil prices because it is a major supplier— nearly 27 % of supply. since 2014, it has been a bearish. 20 of stock in the world, oversupply and in this case the biggest concern for the market has been that this might derail the
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agreement with him 0pec and curtail supplies. some saying it will not because production capacity of qatar is 600,000 barrels per day. because production capacity of qatar is 600,000 barrels per daym because production capacity of qatar is 600,000 barrels per day. it is a very small producer. the bigger danger is the cohesion. it is difficult for 0pec danger is the cohesion. it is difficult for opec to cut supply. if qatar has a retaliatory measure and walks out of the deal and some members decide to do the sake but the likelihood of that is very small. if that happens, at which point we see a spike in oil prices? i think the saudis would step into a short. —— ensure. they would make sure it is not derail the opec
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agreement. but there are always factors in the market. let's say violence breaking out, including more countries in the conflict and then we could see a spike in price. a lot of supply out there, nigeria and libya are not part of this reduction agreement. these two countries have steadily been increasing supply. in terms of oversupply, that is not the biggest factor, it is us production. it has grown nearly half a million barrels per day since the start of the year and it has the capacity to neutralise the cuts. where dc oil prices in the near to medium term? below 50 four break is a little bit too much angle comeback close to 50. he may not be a well—known global
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brand but a massive chinese company hold close to 25% stake worldwide and 10% of deutsche bank. the company has been aggressively expanding but could this $50 billion buying spree bring it into conflict with chinese tightening controls?” think the new policy will influence people but for us we think it will still get support and because we have one loan policy from china, anything you do from that the regulators were supporting us. apple and amazon on the adjoining into the bid for the troubled toshiba armour.
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the chairman saying the two us tech giants plan to chip in a fans. also reports that western digital has offered to buy a stake. south korean government has announced a stimulus package which will increase social welfare subsidies and take steps to deliver on president mood's promise to rake in a thousand public—sector jobs. the ruling democratic party holds only 40% of in the national assembly and will need the support of more than 30 opposition lawmakers. the secretary of energy rick perry said it will continue its commitment to —— he arrives in beijing where he could face many
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critics of us climate policy. —— to climate change policies even though they pulled out of paris. the voice control the speaker that can compete with amazon on alexa, unveiled by apple. this is apple ‘s new ipad pro which is 10.5 inches across. ios the leopard seen for the first time here and in it a few multitasking features, things to make it work more like a typical pc rather than a tablet. the first one, the ade can have multiple windows up at once. i can bbc website but i can also take in messages. i could be working on
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my messages as well as reading a website which make things slightly quicker. it is worth noting, it also has similar features to other ta blets. has similar features to other tablets. another thing that apple have added is a file manager. that may seem a basic but having it in the tablet is the idea to do work where you want to share several files with your colleagues. i can grab files with your colleagues. i can gmba files with your colleagues. i can grab a picture. select, and share them on services like clock box which many businesses use to do their work. this is going to cost £619, $649 which is a lot cheaper than a high—power laptop and i think many people might see this as a
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middle ground between getting an expensive computer. let's have a look at the market... some pressure on asia equity in early tuesday trading. a reaction to the latest terror attacks in londonjust days ahead of the british general election. thank you so much for investing your time with us. have a great tuesday. sport today is up next. the headlines: two of the three men who carried out the terror attack in london have been named by police. 0ne london have been named by police. one was known to security forces. president trump has again taken to twitter to criticise the mayor of london, sadiq khan, over his
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response to the attack. the sister of a man who's been missing following the london bridge attack, says she believes he was killed. melissa mcmullan's brotherjames was last seen outside one of the pubs struck by the attackers. lucy manning reports. melissa mcmullan hasjust had the news no sister wants to hear. she now believes her brother, james, was murdered in the london bridge attack. this morning we received news from the police that my brother's bank card was found on one of the bodies from saturday night's brutal attack, but they are unable to formally identify him until the coroner's report comes tomorrow. while our pain will never diminish, it is important for us to all carry on with our lives in direct opposition to all those who would try to destroy ours. james was 32 years old, from london, on a night out with friends in a pub on borough high street, when he popped outside a cigarette. despite the anguish, the tears, melissa wanted to speak, to let everyone know what her big brother was like. there will only ever be one james. nowhere else will you find such
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humour and unique personality, with someone who puts friends and family above all else. he was an inspiration. melissa, how would you describe your brother? loving and caring. and no—one could ever replace my brother. the friends who were with james on saturday night supported melissa as she left saint thomas' hospital this afternoon, all heartbroken. andy, you were with him on saturday night, he was having fun? oh, yeah, his normal, hilarious self. he was always the life of the party. yeah, watching the football, james hates the football, he was always outside going for a cigarette, because he just didn't want to watch it with us. it was just a great night. what do you make of what has happened to your friend? it's just an absolute disgrace. and i can't even put into words how much... yeah, like, why?
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what's the point? it doesn't achieve anything. all you're doing is breeding hate. more than anything, melissa says her son will desperately miss his uncle james. my little boy loved him so, so much. he was always so excited to see him when he could. and they used to spend hours being silly, taking silly photos of each other, messing around. he was so good with him. lucy manning reports. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: african football star chieck tiote dies suddenly on the training pitch in china.
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world number one andy murray moves through to the french open quarter finals as his game continues to improve. and rain thwarts what looked set to be certain victory for australia over bangladesh in their icc champions trophy match. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the sad news that former ivory coast midfielder cheick tiote has died aged 30. he collapsed while training with his club beijing enterprises. he moved to china earlier this year after playing in the english premier league with newcastle united since 2010. he will be remembered as a tough tackling midfielder. cheick tiote played premier league games for newcastle. 0ne cheick tiote played premier league games for newcastle. one of his


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